Senior Living/Retirement Housing in Olympia - Williamsburg Suite

Our two bedroom suites are spacious with a large sitting room that overlooks a patio or balcony, depending on location. This generous space is light and airy as it is accented by two large windows.

The easy move around kitchen invites you to make snacks or tea for your friends, family or neighbors to visit.  The kitchen features two stove top burners, microwave, refrigerator and generous counter space. The bathroom, some floor plans with two, is a great open space for easy mobility and provides peace of mind with multiple grab bars. The two bedroom has the ambience of a single family house with its square footage.

Each two bedroom suite is equipped with multiple call devices throughout the room.

We offer a choice of 2 different two bedroom floor plans. Click here to view them all.


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Williamsburg Two Bedroom Suite Floor Plan

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